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Smart Automated Cleaning Systems

Smart Automated Cleaning System

Smart Automated Cleaning System for Filter Media in a Dust Collector

C&W Introduces the newest technology, a “smart” cleaning system for your dust collector that can monitor filter media and detect when the dust buildup on the filter media goes outside of an optimal level of performance. Smart-Clean then activates (fires) pulsing valves on an “as needed” basis, rather than just pulsing on timed intervals. This increases the cleaning efficiency of the collector and can save up to 70% on compressed air consumption. By eliminating over-cleaning of the cartridges, the life of the filter media will also be extended, further reducing costs. Smart-Clean can be retrofitted to your existing collector or ...
Vis-a-Load Shroud

Shrouds - Standard and Easy-UP

Lift Frame

Frames, Snorkels, Etc.

Auto-Recycle System

Auto-Recycle System

Capture and return collected material to your silo for convenient reuse. The system includes the recycle pod, 10 horsepower motor/ blower (7.5 hp for smaller units), 14’ of 3” bull hose, pressure relief valve, check valve, and a high voltage control panel with timers.
Blast Gate Assembly

Blast Gate Assembly

Avoid hot water injection problems. The blast gate assembly diverts air flow from the shroud or central mixer during hot water injection. It includes a 14” x 14” x 14” transistion, two (2) blast gates, two (2) air cylinders, and a solenoid valve.
PM001 Components - Data-Logger Systems

Data-Logger Systems

Two Systems to meet your needs!

C&W offers Data-logger Systems to meet emission monitoring requirements, this is done by recording the pressure drop across the filters of your dust collector. This is also great tool to monitor the efficiency of your collector, help determine maintenance issues (for instance, when it’s time to replace ? lter media), and will go a long way in keeping the EPA happy with your dust collection equipment. C&W has two (2) data-loggers systems to meet your needs
SS134 - 4" Anti-Overfill System

Anti-Overfill Systems

4" and 5" Anti-overfill Systems to protect your silos
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