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Pneumatic Conveyors

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AirMac Blower System (without silencers)


Increased productivity and reduced costs are just a few advantages of using the Air Mac blower package. They eliminate the need for blowers on individual tanker trucks, reducing wear on your trucks, decreasing fuel usage, and lowering maintenance costs. Plus, they speed up your operations with a quick truck turnaround.
AirMac Automatic Transfer System

Automatic Transfer Systems

An upgrade from C&W's Blower System
3 and 5 HP Aeration Blowers

Aeration Blowers

C & W offers AirMac’s Aeration Blowers to ventilate stagnate silos. Select from either 3 HP or 5 HP, both equipped with a F-64 inlet filter and 3M Sutorbilt motor. C & W’s AMDD081 offers a 5 HP Blower with 140 CFM which can operate up to 5 PSIG, and AMDD082 offers a 3 HP Blower with 90 CFM which can operate up to 4 PSIG.

Both units are fabricated on a steel frame and include a coupling, 2 in check valve, spring style 2 in relief valve, and an inlet filter silencer. C & W Aeration Blowers are mounted on a steel base and are painted industrial gray with an orange belt guard.
3 and 5 HP Aeration Blowers

Optional Electrical Control Panel for Aeration Blowers

An optional Electrical Control Panel is available and may be ordered separately. The panel includes a quick disconnect, motor starter, manual on/off switch, run light on the face of the unit, and connect point for remote start/ stop. Control Panel is shipped loose.
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