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Silo Saver Systems

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Silo Saver Systems

Silo Saver Systems

Warning and Protection Systems For Silos and Dust Collectors

C & W’s Anti-Overfill System, combined with our Pressure Sensor and Broken Media Filter Sensor, give the highest level of protection available to your silos and dust collectors. Using advanced automated technologies can not only eliminate the human errors that occasionally occur, but can save time and money. The key component to having a protection system is the use of pinch valves that are activated to close when a problem is detected. This shuts off the flow of materials to avoid damage and accidents from occurring, while not interfering with the flow of normal operations.
Anti-Overfill System

Multi-Line Overfill Protection System Slave Unit Accessories

If more than one full line is being used in the same compartment. Consists of a pinch valve, mating flanges, gaskets, and bolts.
Flow Switch Description

On/Off Switch Accessories

Dual Pressure Sensor 2

High Pressure Accessories

High Level Alarm

Overfilling Accessories

Silo Saver Systems 2

High Pressure and Overfilling Accessories

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